Gosainkunda sunset

Gosainkunda sunset

It was one of my first treks when I was young. It was the best trek ever. I had so many things to learn about life, photography and so much travel. I to altitude sickness and we had to go down ASAp from there but the plan was to stay 1 or 2 nights there and have a little look around.

This photo was taken while we were on the top, we took a small break and it was winter but not that cold to get snow, so we went higher than the estimated just to feel the snow, that was the main moto of the travel to play with the snow. We got very small snow not enough to make a snowman but it was a good experience, we just waited there and when the run was going down, you could see the beautiful sunset with sounds beneath and the reflection of the sun on the clear water. A moment in heaven,

Gosainkunda is 4,380 m from sea level.


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