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On December 1, 2023, a regular day turned into a magical adventure, filled with surprises and important lessons.

It all began when my work shift changed from the evening to the morning. Little did I know, this small change would lead to a day full of unexpected twists. Our main goal for the day was to find a car. Life without a car is a bit tough due to the unpredictable nature of public transport in our area.

After work, we took a bus to explore some cars. But things didn’t go as planned. The finance person we needed to meet was away for Christmas and working in the field. The owner was there and he was friendly and he advised me to contact him through the phone the next days, Feeling a bit down but still hopeful, we decided to check out Lansell Square. We grabbed a quick bite at KFC and waited for the bus to take us home.

At the city bus station, we were as tired as marathon runners nearing the finish line, our bodies yearning for rest on those well-known bus station chairs. Suddenly, like a character popping into our tired story, a stranger appeared. Naturally, caution set in – the kind you feel when someone you don’t know approaches.

But here’s where it gets interesting. This stranger, despite having a phone that looked like it had a wrestling match with the pavement, was like a cheerleader for good vibes. He bubbled with excitement, telling us all about this Christmas Tree Light Up thing. Imagine this: Christmas characters roaming around, performers doing their thing, and the mayor about to make that tree sparkle. Our tired evening did a complete 180, turning into this bubbling excitement to be part of the festive fun.

It was like a real-life lesson that even when you’re bone-tired and a bit suspicious, unexpected chats can sprinkle some serious positivity and excitement into your day.

Heading home to grab warmer clothes became a necessity as the weather turned chilly. We were caught off guard with our shorts and summer clothes, unprepared for the sudden shift in temperature. While waiting for the bus, the stranger suggested taking a taxi back to the event. We hesitated, considering the distance and the fact that we were in a regional area where taxis might not be readily available. However, in a stroke of luck, when I stepped out the door and checked the bus time, it was miraculously just 5 minutes away. We had to run to catch it in time.

Arriving back at the event, a light drizzle greeted us, but fortunately, it didn’t last long, and the festivities continued. It was a series of unexpected events, like pieces falling into place, turning a potentially cold and uncomfortable evening into a magical one.

In the middle of all the joy, memories of Nepal’s Dashain festival came flooding back – the joy of buying new clothes and the happiness of the festival. From the disappointment of not finding a car to the unexpected joy of the Christmas celebration, the day captured the essence of life’s surprises.

As the night went on, I embraced the idea that it’s okay not to be okay. Challenges, unexpected turns, and tiredness are all part of life’s journey, leaving room for unexpected joy and magic.

So, there we were, enjoying the Christmas Tree Light Up, surrounded by laughter and festive cheer. The conversation with the stranger, the decision to catch the bus, and the magical moments at the event left a deep lesson in my heart – life’s magic often comes from ordinary moments, encouraging us to be open, strong, and to believe that, even in tough times, it’s okay not to be okay.

Remembering what my guardian used to say – when one door closes, many more open, each leading to new adventures.