A naming ceremony (Nwaran – न्वारन) is a significant event in Hindu culture, symbolising the introduction of a newborn into their family and community. It’s a ritual where the child is given their first name, often chosen based on astrological and cultural considerations. This ceremony holds immense importance as it not only bestows a name upon the child but also serves as a spiritual and social occasion. Family and friends gather to bless the child’s future, seek divine protection, and celebrate their arrival. The naming ceremony reinforces cultural ties, traditions, and values while marking the beginning of the child’s journey within the Hindu faith and society.


  • $500 – 4 hours
  • Professional Photo Editing
  • 25 Edited High-Resolution Photos
  • Elegant 32GB Pendrive for Cherished Memories

In the heartwarming embrace of the Custom Blessings Package, I will be your dedicated guide and companion throughout your Naming Ceremony, capturing every cherished moment for an enchanting span of 4 hours.

As part of this package, you will receive:

Full Coverage: Four hours of my presence at your Naming Ceremony, ensuring no fleeting moment goes unnoticed.

Memorable Moments: You can expect a collection of 25 meticulously edited high-resolution photos that encapsulate the essence of the day, each radiating with beauty and emotion.

Extraordinary Extras: Beyond the edited photographs, your package includes a beautifully crafted 32GB Pendrive. It will contain a treasure trove of memories, including not only the 25 edited photos but also a collection of candid and authentic shots capturing the atmosphere and emotions of the event.

Please note that due to the unique nature of events and the time constraints of the day, while all images will be lovingly preserved on the Pendrive, not every photograph will undergo detailed editing. Instead, I will add a touch of color and care to ensure they remain evocative mementos of the occasion.

Let’s create a tapestry of memories that will be cherished for generations to come.


  • $350 – 2 hours
  • Professional Photo Editing
  • 20 Edited High-Resolution Photos
  • Beautiful 32GB Pendrive to Safeguard Your Memories

Elevate your Naming Ceremony with the Precious Moments Package, an exquisite experience that captures the essence of your event over a delightful span of 2 hours.

Included in this package:

Thoughtful Coverage: For two hours, I will be immersed in your celebration, ensuring each significant moment is immortalized in its full splendor.

Treasured Memories: Your package comprises a collection of 20 professionally edited high-resolution photos, radiating with the emotions and joy of the occasion.

A Touch of Extra: Alongside the beautifully edited selection, you’ll receive a graceful 32GB Pendrive. This keepsake will embrace not only the 20 edited photos but also a selection of candid and heartfelt snapshots that preserve the ambiance and spirit of the event.

Kindly note that, in line with the unique nature of the event and the time constraints, while all images will be preserved on the Pendrive, comprehensive editing will be focused on the chosen 20 photos. The remaining photographs will be thoughtfully enhanced with a touch of color and vibrancy, crafting enduring memories.

Let’s weave together the threads of your Naming Ceremony, creating a tapestry of moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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