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Get ready for something awesome! Starting August 18th, you can visit the Cornella Canola Walk in Central Victoria. It’s like a magical land of bright yellow flowers that go on and on. It’s a place where you can take the coolest pictures ever!

The best part is, you can walk through the fields of flowers with your family. The Shiraz Republic and Cornella Brewery made a special path for everyone to enjoy. It’s like a fun adventure that also keeps the pretty flowers safe.

Guess what? It’s only $10 for grown-ups and $5 for kids (kids under 5 can go for free!). You can bring your camera or even a flying drone to take awesome photos. As you walk, you’ll feel the fresh air and see the beautiful colors all around you.

If you really like taking pictures or just want to be in a place that looks like a painting, the Cornella Canola Walk is perfect for you. And guess what’s nearby? The Shiraz Republic has a place where you can eat yummy food and drink tasty drinks after your walk. You can even stay in their cozy cabins and wake up really early to see the sunrise or the golden light of the day.

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Remember to stay on the special path and be kind to the flowers. The Cornella Canola Walk is like a special party of nature, and we want to keep it that way.

Don’t forget to put this awesome adventure on your calendar. It’s going to be a super fun time with nature’s colorful beauty all around you. Let’s enjoy the magic of nature together! 🌼📸

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