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We went early in the morning to see the Tulip Display, and it was a delightful experience. We had a fantastic time strolling along Rosalind Park, capturing some beautiful photos of the vibrant tulips.

We discovered a variety of tulips, some in full bloom and others in the early stages. It was a joy to spot multi-colored tulips, including shades of yellow, red, white, purple, and more.

As the weather warms up, this place becomes even more charming. It’s a perfect spot to spend quality time with family and kids, savoring the breathtaking view of tulips in full bloom.

In case you’re interested, there’s also an evening event called ‘Bloom After Dark’ from 6.45 pm to 9.30 pm during the school holidays. It features an interactive trail with illuminated garden beds and giant blooming flower displays. You can find more details about this event on their website ( Overview